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Choosing a Golf Course in Bend, Oregon Bend, Oregon is home to some of the most scenic golf courses in the continental United States. From mountain views to lush greenery, the scenic courses are a delight for any golfer, or even simply a lover of the outdoors. Because it is such a lovely place to be, there are a lot of golf resorts to choose from and it may appear difficult to make a selection. It is easier to decide if you investigate several areas and make your decision from there. First and foremost, you will need to consider your golfing ability. Traveling for vacation golf play means you’ll want to be able to be relaxed and not stressed over your golf capabilities. There’s no need to play the worst golf game of your life on your long anticipated vacation, so keep that in mind while choosing your course. There are many sites and articles listing the ratings of the various Bend courses, so look over some of those to help make your selection. Next, look for golf resorts that are offering golf packages to those that stay at their hotels. Golf packages mean less work for you in the reservation process. Not only do you pay only one fee, but there are also usually special perks to buying a resort package. There are often great discounts on the off season. Different resorts offer different packages, so look around to see what includes that which you desire.
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Lastly, it’s important to read reviews or talk to others who have vacationed in Bend, to be sure that you are staying somewhere highly recommended where others have had a good experience. This will give you a wider perspective on the courses and their difficulty, as well as the qualities of other aspects of the vacation, such as resort activities. Make sure to read up on not only the course, but on the resort hotel as well, so that you can be sure your time off the course is just as enjoyable as your time on the course. Publications dedicated to golf and golf resorts can also be found either online, through subscription, or at your local library, and can shed additional researched insight on various golf resorts. Golf resort reviews are plenty and can help cement your decision.
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Though finding the perfect destination for a golfing vacation may seem daunting at the start because of the sheer volume of choices, if you look into a few simple things, it is easier to narrow it down. Bend, Oregon has a golf package for everyone and you are sure to have one of the greatest vacations, and greatest scenic golf experiences, of your life.